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Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child  
A world in which children are valued and empowered and their rights promoted and protected
Punjab govt, police not serious in Zainab rape, murder case: LHC CJ
No headway in Zainab murder case; sketches of more suspects released
Pakistani activist on why rape victim-blaming must end
Implementing child protection laws post Zainab case demanded
Kasur incident result of authorities' ineptitude, says NCHR:
Over 700 cases since 2015: What makes Kasur a hub of child abuse?
HOUSE OF HORRORS Cops investigate children's home 'where at least 118 kids were beaten and tortured over two decades'
Shocking SMS sent to mom before 3 children slain
Children deluged with TV gambling adverts: Campaigners warn large number of commercials during televised football risks hooking youngsters on betting
HOLY SMOKES Children as young as five urged to SMOKE to mark Christian Epiphany festival in Portugal
Apple faces activist pressure over children's iPhone use
Anger over death of 64 children at hospital that ran out of oxygen
Chairperson's Message

Children in Pakistan have to cope with a plethora of challenges; lack of access to education coupled with low learning levels; poor health conditions; a near absence of protection for destitute and vulnerable children; early and forced marriages; dismissal conditions in juvenile jails; trafficking; exploitation and continued employment in hazardous occupations ...

ED's Corner

The State of Pakistan’s Children. , SPARC has been producing this for 18 years now. Kudos to the Research team!! I asked them how they have managed to stay mentally stable while compiling the data and more significantly analyzing it. Because just while reviewing and editing the draft, I could not sleep for weeks. And how could I after reading of 493 cases of violence against children ... 


AJ's Corner

Zainab: Same Story, Only the Faces Change

I know the virtues of positive thinking but cannot unfortunately hold on to it when it comes to Pakistan. You may get excited if you see Orange Train operating in Lahore or a major flyover or  are travelling on the Motorway but I rather think about the Zainabs and Tayyabas of Pakistan rather than these show pieces ...



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