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Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child  
A world in which children are valued and empowered and their rights promoted and protected
Chairperson's Message

Children in Pakistan have to cope with a plethora of challenges; lack of access to education coupled with low learning levels; poor health conditions; a near absence of protection for destitute and vulnerable children; early and forced marriages; dismissal conditions in juvenile jails; trafficking; exploitation and continued employment in hazardous occupations ...

ED's Corner

The State of Pakistan’s Children. , SPARC has been producing this for 18 years now. Kudos to the Research team!! I asked them how they have managed to stay mentally stable while compiling the data and more significantly analyzing it. Because just while reviewing and editing the draft, I could not sleep for weeks. And how could I after reading of 493 cases of violence against children ... 


AJ's Corner

A Child Employed is a Future Destroyed

Our society has suddenly discovered Tayyaba, a ten year old girl, who was brutally tortured by none other than the wife of Additional Sessions & District Judge of Islamabad, God knows how many times and for what. The “what” part is easier to answer: Tayyaba is poor and it is the right of everybody who ...

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