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Fact Finding Reports

13 year old Irfan lost his hand in a fodder cutting machine when shoved into it by his employer

Date: 18-5-17

Upon learning of the much publicized case of 13 year old Irfan whose hand was forcefully chopped off by his employer, SPARC sent a fact-finding committee from its head office to Irfan’s native village of Macharwali, a rural village located about 50kms away from Sheikhupura, Punjab.

SPARC’s team comprising of a psychological counselor as well as the lead monitoring and evaluation expert met with the boy and his family, along with local journalists, legal experts and law enforcement officials. Speaking to Irfan, the team learnt that he had been working to pay off the family’s debt owed to these local landowners by working on their lands. He had been working for the last 10 months at a salary of Rs.3000 to pay off Rs.80,000 which his family had previously borrowed from the same landowners.  Incidentally the Rs 80,000 were borrowed to help allay the medical expenses of Irfan’s elder brother who had also lost his legs in a work related accident.

The team learnt that on the morning of 25th April 2017, Irfan went to his employer Shafqat Bibi around 8am bringing with him the animal feed that was to be grinded in the electric powered grinder (toka machine). When he asked his employer for some food before going out and distributing the animal feed, his employer started hurling insults at the boy and threatened him. The boy narrated how his employer Shafqatbibi used to always beat and insult him repeatedly also citing an incident from a few days before when he was beaten by farm tools. As he was loading the animal feed into the grinder, the machine got stuck upon which Shafqatbibi came up to him hurling insults and beat him, shoving him in towards the grinder which restarted with a jerk, crushing his right hand up until his forearm.

Other workers working on the land then rushed to the scene and took the boy to DHQ hospital in Sheikhupura where he was bandaged and the incident attempted to be hushed up as an accident. Hence, no medico – legal certificate was issued at the time.

It was not until the 8th of May that upon the written instructions of the district magistrate that Irfan was issued a medico-legal certificate the next day, based upon which an FIR was also registered by the boy’s mother Jannatbibi against her son’s employer Shafqat Bibi. Shafqatbibi along with her brother Afzal were then arrested by the police shortly after which Shafqatbibi was released on bail while her brother Afzal is still currently in jail.

The case after being highlighted in the media since then was also brought under the notice of the Chief Justice as well as the Chief Minister of Punjab who after calling for justice for the boy presented him a cheque of Rs 10 lakhs written in the name of Falaksher, the boy’s father. The cheque which was presented on the 11th May has been submitted by the lawyer engaged by thefamily and is currently being processed. On the day of the SPARC team’s visit the family had also just returned from Mayo Hospital in Lahore where they had received medicines costing up to Rs.4000 for the boy’s treatment free of cost. The hospital had also recommended that Irfan be hospitalized for around 15 daysto help begin his treatment for which the family currently does not have any money. It was also learnt that the family had barely enough money for the necessary food which doctors had recommended Irfan to take along with his medicines.

Right now, the family’s lawyer, Mr. Noor Muhammad Gujjar is trying to ensure that the money given to Irfan by the government is used genuinely for his treatment and rehabilitation and is not squandered by his family and relatives. He also cautioned that the family was receiving harrowing threats from people connected with Irfan’s former employers. Irfan’s mother shared similar fears with the fact-finding committee and is hoping that her 13 year old son receives justice for the crimes committed against him.



SPARC Facilitates Recovery of 2 Minor Children from Kidnapperst

On 5th, March, 2017 two children identified as; 7 month old Azan and 9 year old, Arbab were kidnapped by a woman identified as Kainat. The incident took place at the village of Nabi Baksh Gopang, Sindh.


After learning of the incident the SPARC and CRM Sindh team led by Mr Kashif Bajeer got in touch with the local police. Due to the efforts of the police the two children were recovered today (6th, March, 2017) during a raid at 05:00 am PST.


The SPARC team reunited the children with their family at the Pinjari Police Station. Ambreen Baloch from Child Protection Unit, Hyderabad also accompanied the SPARC team and provided support in the matter.


Child trafficking has been a pressing issue across Pakistan for a number of years, however, little has been done to unearth the individuals and group of people involved in trafficking children. This is a one of a kind incident where the two minor children were quickly recovered after being kidnapped.


13 Year Old Raped in Hyderabad, Police Hesitant to Take Action

In a recent incident, a minor girl was allegedly raped in Hyderabad, in the village of Bachal Sulangi. A fact finding team was sent by SPARC to investigate the incident. The following is based on the details obtained by SPARC’s fact finding mission, which included the organization’s leading child rights activists in Sindh, Kashif Bajeer and Zahid Thebo.

According to the information gathered by SPARC’s team, the 13 year old girl went to her uncle’s house to take a bath in the morning, where a 20 year old boy who lived nearby trespassed into the house and raped her. The girl was alone in the house, hence no one from her immediate family could save her from the assailant.

The alleged perpetrator is Sajo Sulangi, the son of an employee of the Regional Commissioner Office, Mirpurkhas, Noor Muhammad Sulangi. The local police is currently not cooperating with the victim’s family and the FIR (First Investigation Report) filed by the police has been deemed as unsatisfactory by the victim’s family.

According to Mr Bajeer, the local people have condemned the actions of the local police, which is reluctant to cooperate with the victim as the alleged perpetrator belongs to an influential family. The medical checkup has been delayed more than 4 days, which has already weakened the victim’s case. While the police has produced a document claiming that a medical test was sanctioned (document included with this report), there have been delays on behalf of the local police based on various frivolous excuses, to delay the medical checkup.

SPARC demands the immediate arrest of the alleged perpetrator and demands that the police conducts a medical test of the victim to ensure that all needed measures are taken to investigate the case. Moreover, the vague FIR needs to be amended, in order to include the complete account of the victim’s family, instead of the vague references currently incorporated by the police. The current FIR for instance, doesn’t even clearly mention the exact location of the incident.

Note: The FIR for the case and medical clearance document produced by the police is embedded below.



Child Domestic Maid Allegedly Burned & Molested by Employer - Fact Finding Report

Child domestic labor has long been seen asnot only acceptable in our country but various laws have also failed to specifically name domestic work as a part of child labor; leaving a lacuna that has cost many children dearly. In an effort to identify cases of violence against children, SPARC (Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child) has over the years been sending fact finding missions to determine in-depth details regarding such incidents.

In a recent development, a child domestic servant, Rukhsar allegedly suffered horrendous abuse at the hands of her employer (Malik Asif) in Gujranwala. To determine the details regarding this incident SPARC sent an investigative team. While there have been discrepancies in media reports and the First Information Report (FIR) acquired by SPARC, the below mentioned information is based on the findings of our fact finding mission.


According to the First Information Report (FIR) Rukhsar is 16-17 years old, and belongs to Sialkot. This is different from various media reports, which suggest that the girl is 12-14 years old. According to our investigative team, the latter seems more appropriate, as the girls seems to be somewhere around 14-15 years of age.


Rukhsar claims she slipped carrying a heavy bowl of hot water that was meant for preparing a bath for Mrs Asif. This version of the stated event is different from what the media initially reported. Earlier, information gleaned by the media suggested that here mployer, Mr Asif allegedly threw steaming hot tea on her face as Rukhsar failed to bring him tea on time.


The fact finding missions sent by SPARC has learned that Rukhsar claims that Mr Asif and his brother subject her to regular physical and sexual abuse. She has also complained of sleep deprivation, as she is too scared to sleep at night. In fact, she has cited this as one of the reasons she slipped when carrying the hot bowl of water. Regardless of the cause, what has been ascertained is that the minor girl suffered horrendous burns and was rushed to DHQ hospital, where medical examination revealed that the housemaid was not only tortured and burnt but she was also raped.


For now, an FIR has been filed against the accused, and Rukhsar has been handed over to the Child Protection Department. Police have arrested two accused, Imran and Ayyaz, while the main accused Asif is still at large.On 26th, January, 2017, a local court ordered DNA test of the accused to ascertain who is responsible for the alleged rape of the minor housemaid.


Aakash - Fact Finding Report
Date: 22-01-2017

Newborn Baby Kidnapped on Day of Birth

A new born baby namedAakashhas been kidnapped the same day he was born, from Civil Hospital Hyderabad.
The infant’s mother, 37 year old Gulshan, who is still laying on hospital bed with the hope that her child might be returned to her. However, hospital administration are forcing her to leave the hospital. No concrete action has yet been taken either by the Police or Hospital Administration to recoverAakash, except lodging an FIR against unknown individuals.

Major Observations/Questions Raised by Fact Finding Mission: -

  • How an unknown person (Kidnaper)was able to take the baby out of the ward withoutshowing proof of identity to the guards at the at the Gynae ward?
  • How did guards let the perpetrator leaveGynae Ward without checking the hospital check out cards or bills as a proof of identity?
  • The CCTV Cameras are very old (result is un satisfactory/not clear). This shows the deplorable condition of the hospital security mechanism.

Tooba- Fact Finding Report

Date: 20th, January, 2017

6 Year Old Girl Found Nearly Lifeless in Drain

A 6 year old girl Tooba was recovered from a drain tunnel near Korangi Crossing, in almost lifeless condition, with deep knife cut on throat and on both the hands.The girlwas brought back to Civil Hospital Karachi, where doctors conducted 2 operations to save her life.
According to doctors, the girl’s throat was cut from two ends. Her body was found with severe injuries of torture. It has been confirmed that she was raped during the terrible incident.

Major Findings:-

  • The girl might has been sexually abused.
  • FIR been lodged as usual against Unknown individuals
  • No Arrest yet.

Tayyaba - Fact Finding Report


Domestic Child Maid Tayyaba Tortured by Employer

On 29-12-2016 the Center for Street Children’s SPARC team received a message from SPARC’s head office to send a fact finding mission to investigate a case of alleged torture of a domestic child worker in Sector I-8, Islamabad. The girl named Tayyaba was allegedly beaten by her employer, who is a serving session court judge.

The Center for Street Children manager and social mobilizer reached the house of the accused offender, Raja Khurram (Session Judge) at 11:00 am. After talking to the housemaid the team was informed that Mr Khurram was on duty, whereas her wife was unwilling to speak to the SPARC team.

After the non-cooperation of the wife of Mr Khurram, the team contacted Police Head Constable to further investigate the matter. He informed the SPARC team that the girl had not been seen for the past 5 days and the details were therefore sketchy.

The team then turned to people in the neighborhood in the hope to gather more details regarding Tayyaba. On condition of anonymity, some people in the neighborhood informed the SPARC team that Tayyaba is 10 years old. She has been working at Mr Khurram’s house for the last year as a domestic child worker and that she belongs to Daira Ghazi Khan. The team was told that Mrs. Khurram had beaten the girl with the help of her other two maids upon suspicion of theft in the house.

Tayyaba was punished on this pretext and deprived of food for 4 days. She was also kept on the terrace without any quilt and left in the cold. The neighbor reported that they heard her weeping from the terrace, and upon asking her learned that she was wounded and hungry. The neighbors gave her some food and a quilt. They helped her for four days, after which she disappeared from the terrace on the fifth day.

The CSC team informed head office SPARC about the facts, and the Crisis Center was contacted. After close coordination of SPARC with the Crisis Center, the girl was recovered (on the second attempt of recovery).

It was observed by the fact finding mission that more child workers were also present inside Mr Khurram’s house.

Mohammed Ahmed - Fact Finding Report

Date: 19-11-2016

Larkana Cadet College Student Paralysed Due to Torture by Teacher.

CRM-Sindh team conducted the fact finding visit to Karachi to ascertain the facts about a student in Larkana Cadet College who was injured and also lost his senses due to alleged torture by a teacher.

The team arrived at the house of victim and were informed that after being strangulated, Mohammed Ahmed, 14, broke sensitive bones of his neck. He has lost his speech and his brain suffered paralysis. He is on a liquid diet as he can neither digest nor chew solid food.

He was tortured so severely by his teacher that the student ended up losing his senses and became paralyzed.  The team was upraised about the initiatives taken by the CM Sindh, who instructed the administration to take strict action against those responsible of the torture. According to his father, Ghulam Ahmed, his son was strangulated by his teacher so severely that sensitive bones in Mohammed Ahmed's neck were broken.

This gave the boy a paralysis attack and caused him to lose all his sense and become a mute as well. His son's medical treatment is possible in the United States doctors have said, but his parents claim they don’t have the resources to take him there. Neither any case is lodged nor has the college administration has launched any inquiry into the incident. The CRM derived a letter campaign in which many letters were written to parliamentarians, government officials, and cabinet members and media persons. As a result, CM Sindh announced the treatment of child in the United States of America on government expenses.